Thursday, November 10, 2016

Northbound Season 2 now in production

Sci-fi web series begins production in the Iron Mountain area and around Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Season 2 of “Northbound” is now in production in the Iron Mountain area and across Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Northbound is a series set in an abandoned, post-cataclysm wilderness and follows a handful of survivors as they eke out a daily existence and slowly unravel the mystery of an event that killed millions in a single day. The series is part of a much bigger project: a full-length feature film called Northstar, to which Northbound is a lead-in story.

Northbound is the creation of brothers Seth and Nathan Anderson, who are Iron Mountain natives now living in Los Angeles, and their production company partner Jason Hagen. The series be shot on location in Michigan's Upper Peninsula with production centered around Iron Mountain. Additional shooting will take place on the former grounds of KI Sawyer, a closed air force base near Gwinn, Michigan. Since deciding to shoot in the area, the production team has been able to gather a solid base of community support for the project.

The production is even looking for extras. The team is seeking extras for the upcoming Northbound, Season 2 shoots in Upper Michigan! To learn more about the series, Northstar sage and about becoming an extra, visit them online at:


You can also catch up on the Season 1 at Geeknation.

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